Category: Restoration Update

Storefront Restoration

The Federal Historic Tax Credit program has approved the Crown storefront with opening windows.  There was no record of the original historic storefront which had been bricked up in the 1970s.   Opening windows is a perfect design to create flow

Interior Details

The existing staircase remains from the 2-4 floors, but was removed when the addition was built in the1970s for the boxing club on the 2nd floor.  — The staircase shadow allowed us to rebuild in its original location. — Staircase rebuilt

Exterior Paint


Kestner Waggoner Restoration work to remove all the blue-gray paint from brick and stone facades. —

Cornice & Box Gutter Work

The front box gutter was repaired where wood had rotted from water damage. North side of the building’s box gutter and cornice had been damaged in the 2008 Hurricane Ike wind storm and was removed. Wooden piers were built into brick