Interior Details

The existing staircase remains from the 2-4 floors, but was removed when the addition was built in the1970s for the boxing club on the 2nd floor.


The staircase shadow allowed us to rebuild in its original location.

Staircase rebuilt to connect to the original W Elder north entry.

Paneling removed from 1st floor uncovered stenciled walls, paint color and steel beam.

Blue flowered wallpaper located on the south wall near the storefront.

Stenciling in the first floor store which was originally a millinery.

Freight Elevator Shaft to be filled in.

Pre- Prohibition beer labels were found on the 3rd floor east wall.  We plan to cover and frame it to preserve.

Staircase openings in south west side of upper floors .

Shadow of the staircase woodwork that was removed.

Interior 3rd and 4th floor apartments exterior brick walls.

Stencil detail found on upper floor.