Cornice & Box Gutter Work

The front box gutter was repaired where wood had rotted from water damage. North side of the building’s box gutter and cornice had been damaged in the 2008 Hurricane Ike wind storm and was removed. Wooden piers were built into brick roofline wall with framing to hold gutter and cornice. 

The metal cornice was straightened or replaced where needed, riveted and soldered together.  Primer and finish paint show off the historic details of the top of the Crown.

The Tri-State Premier Roofing shop fabricated new cornice parts out of galvanized steel which replicated the original historic design.


Each piece of galvanized steel that makes the pattern of the cornice and lines the gutter is welded at the seams.  This assures longevity keeping water from getting into the gutter structure.

 The steel box gutter liner is installed after the wood framing was rebuilt. Each seam is riveted and soldered together in place.